Personal work

Personal considerations on la Bellezza.

Student of Literature and Political science at the University of Poitiers, France, I led a work about the theme “la Bellezza” – the beauty – with Legambiente national, international and local volunteers.

See La Bellezza, a multicultural survey.

At the same time I carried on working on my own “Bellezza project”. During two months I met people, talked to them, laughed with them, sometimes cried with them, and finally, took many photographs of and with them.

The beauty cannot be reduced to amateur pictures; yet I choose here to offer you some photographs which represent a tiny little overview of what beauty means to me – and it is already a lot.

I am not a photographer, not even a student of arts or design. I am just a random girl taking pictures of the world I see, feel and love. Here they are, the photographs of my bellezza : nice, mediocre, impressive or laughable.

Absolutely mine, absolutely yours.

Lauren Kamili

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